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  • Posted in: Data Warehouse Hive

    I'd like an advice on handling data compaction in Hive (small files problem) when dealing with streaming ingestion. Here I don't mean the Hive Streaming API, I actually mean something like Kafka or Kinesis. Imagine the following system: Kafka is ...

  • Posted in: Airflow

    Airflow version is 1.7.0 Code which I am trying to run is: from airflow import DAG from airflow.models import Variable from datetime import datetime, timedelta from airflow.sensors.time_delta_sensor import TimeDeltaSensor from ...

  • Posted in: Airflow

    Hi Nishank, Can you share the import section of your DAG (ie: the imports you are using)? Also, what version of airflow are you on? -minesh ------------------------------ Minesh Patel ------------------------------


  • Announcing Spark 2.4 on QDS

    Announcing Spark 2.4 on QDS   We are happy to announce that we have released Apache Spark 2.4 in QDS in AWS environments. It is displayed as 2.4 latest (2.4.0) in the Spark Version field of the Create New Cluster page on QDS UI. We plan to deploy into ... More
  • 2018-11-10 RDS Upgrade -

    Qubole Maintenance - RDS Upgrade - What is changing? Periodically, Amazon RDS performs maintenance on Amazon RDS resources. Maintenance most often involves updates to the DB instance's underlying operating system (OS) or database ... More